Product FAQ

Are prices in Canadian Dollars?

Yes, all prices are in Canadian Dollars.

What are the Pantone color codes for BoxThrone products?
Beautiful Black - Pantone Black 
Whitest of Whites - Pantone White 
Rebellious Red - Pantone 485C 
Brilliant Blue - Pantone 285C 
Peoples' Purple - Pantone 2617 C 
Glorious Grey - Pantone 402 C 
Bravest Brown/Wondrous Wood - Pantone 4625 C

What is the weight limit of the shelves and system?
The regular sized shelves have a 10 kg (22 lbs) weight limit. 
The extra wide shelves have a 10 kg (22 lbs) weight limit.
The entire BoxThrone system has a weight limit of 180 kg (400 lbs).

How many games can the BoxThrone hold?
Great question, your Majesty! It depends on how you set it up - each shelf gives you a max area of 39 x 43.5 cm storage space, minus the size of the 4 pillars (4 x 2.5 cm each). That's about the size of one standard square box and a couple of "expansion" sized box, or 4-5 smaller games. Two rectangle boxes also fit in that space. Configuring your BoxThrone to maximize space will allow you to fit up to 20 games of various sizes per BoxThrone. Please see the examples below.

Board game storage box sizes

Will the system come with wall anchors? Does it need to be attached to the wall?
All bookcases, from any brand or manufacturer, need to be anchored to the wall as per international safety standards. The BoxThrone is no different - for your safety, please anchor the system to the wall. And yes! The BoxThrone comes with an easy-to-use anchor kit so you can connect it to the wall right out of the box. (Please note, the included wall anchors are designed for drywall - if you have a different wall type, please use appropriate wall anchors).

How modular is the BoxThrone?
Super modular! Every "base" and "top"  is identical, and the "columns" are all interchangeable. This means that you can re-configure ANY BoxThrone setup into a different layout (e.g., the BoxKing can be converted from two double BoxThrone towers into three single BoxThrones). You can even create triple BoxThrones (approximately 9 feet high). If you can imagine it, you can do it!

modular shelving

What are the parts of the BoxThrone made out of?
The BoxThrone is almost completely powder-coated metal. The exception is the bases - these are made from high-grade, furniture-quality ABS. These bases have brass screw linings to make to the BoxThrone easy to construct. The ABS bases are engineered and tested to hold a ton of weight - over 200 kg (over 400 lbs).

What are the front and side opening dimensions?
Front: 35.5 cm / 13.97"
Side: 33.6 cm  / 13.22"

What are the approximate dimensions of the system?
BoxDuke + 24 shelves: 122 cm / 48" wide x 79 cm / 31" tall
BoxKing + 48 shelves: 122 cm / 48" wide x 157 cm / 62" tall
BoxLegend + 80 shelves: 201 cm / 79" wide x 157 cm / 62"  tall

Adding extra wide shelves to your BoxThrone system? Simply add 29.5 cm / 11.5" to the width.

Do ShortThrones connect to regular BoxThrones?
ShortThrones were designed to connect to other ShortThrones, BUT after talking to customers and backers, we want to give you more flexibility in your BoxThrone setups, so we have created a "ShortThrone shelf adjuster" - a free 3D printer file. Print this file off with a 3D printer, and insert it into the ShortThrone's column holes to raise the shelves up a little and make them even.

You can download this file here.